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Detachment 3 - 50th Tactical Fighter Wing

Hopsten Flugplatz

Presented here is a collection (800) of pictures taken at or around the Det. We are starting to get a good representation here. It would be great to get more pictures from others so if you have something to share, please contact me. I can scan pictures and slides. Enjoy these frozen moments in time...

Jim Fielder
5 pictures/1 page
Ralph Fiorita
5 pictures/1 page
Ken Kaplan
119 pictures/12 pages (yipes!)
David Myers
43 pictures/6 pages
Jim Osborn
5 pictures/1 page
Bob Renner
31 pictures/5 pages
Hindmarsh Stephen
18 pictures/2 pages
Gerald (Big T / Snake) Thompsen
29 pictures/3 pages
Chuck & Ceil Warner
30 pictures/4 pages
Tom Lehrer
190 pictures/19 pages (yipes!!)
Martin (Froggie) Kruger
209 pictures/21 pages (yipes!!!)
Portrait Photos
67 pictures/4 pages
Historical Photos
92 pictures/5 pages
Satellite Views
4 pictures/1 page
Background Photos
20 pictures/6 pages

Last update: 4 Apr. 2021