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Detachment 3 - 50th Tactical Fighter Wing

Hopsten Flugplatz


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Tom Lehrer

I was at Hopsten from 70 to 72 when it closed. We loaded all the weapons into a C-130 and the pilot did a very close fly over to the base. The base put up a mini gate after the 72 Olympic Israeli killings. I actually heard on my radio the Germans pursuing some of the killers, when they lost them doing over 200 km. When it closed I ended up finishing my tour at Aviano. Sure the HQ of Europe-inspections every month! Should have gone to England like the others. The damn Commies marched once a year to the base gate shouting Americans go home. Quite a shock after Hopsten.

I dated a gorgeous gal from Rheine named Astrid while stationed there. Ended up getting a European discharge and sending all my whole baggage back to Rheine for 2 years. Drove up there, got a German work permit when nobody else could get one because I had a contract done earlier to work as a DJ in the Bistrol discotheque and Kumpers Wool factory. After too many crazy days there, had to come back to the states to go to college. My best German friend from there was Richard Eicker who took me and at times the wife all over the world. Russia, Poland, Romania, Moldavia, Sardinia and Cyrus to name a few. I kissed his two Russian KGB boys, Vladimir and Anatoff who worked for him in Minsk, White Russia in 91. Tons of crazy pictures and stories.

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