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Detachment 3 - 50th Tactical Fighter Wing

Hopsten Flugplatz


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Here are a few of the pictures I took while stationed at Hopsten. Pardon the quality. Some of them are a bit faded. Pardon also the download time. I had to make compromises between download time and image quality. I wish I had more pictures of the guys but this will have to do for now. I do have some Super 8 movies that I may convert to digital format. Until then, enjoy...

Ken Kaplan

The detachment

The parking lot & main gate

The main gate

The chow hall

The chow hall

More chow hall

Here is where all that yummy food came from

Tom Lehrer, Roosevelt Sanders & ? talking on the balcony

George Abbott and John Koebl - hard workin guys

Don Weister doing a little studying
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