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This is a website dedicated to all of those who served at Hopsten Flugplatz also known as Detachment 3 50th Tactical Fighter Wing. The site is growing but I still hope that many of you who served there can contribute a little something. Maybe a picture or two. How about a story? It would be great to get a little history of the Detachment. In the mean time, these pages will have to do. I hope you enjoy them. Who am I? I'm Ken Kaplan and I served at the Det from 1/69 through 1/71. You may remember me? The inspiration for this website came from Bob Renner. Bob managed to find me in and sent me a howdy email in June of 2001.

Thanks to Buzz Stock and Bob Renner, I have been able to add 50 new names to the roster (and correct some errors)! Buzz also provided the names for the German roster.

Help yourself to any pictures you may want. Just be aware that some of the pictures are reduced in size (resolution) so that pages load faster. If you want higher resolution copies, just email me.

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A great documentary of Hopsten
Der Fliegerhorst Hopsten - Dokumentarfilm

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